About  JC 
Jeff Caulfield is a portrait, fashion, fine art and commercial photographer based in Sydney Australia.
His background in martial arts, meditation and qi gong mean he brings a calm and pragmatic approach to all photoshoots no matter the subject matter. 


Believing the camera is one of the least important elements within a shoot, his soothing demeanour and desire for connection help ensure that the objectives of the day are met, and it was a pleasure for all involved.


With a relaxed approach and a drive for perfection, he constantly strives to improve his craft by learning from and drawing inspiration from other photographers, artists and creatives that pass through his awareness. 


Jeff runs a client-friendly, service-oriented business and believes that great creativity is often the result of good collaboration and team work. As such, he values working closely with his clients, and others within the creative team, to ensure every one’s needs are met and strong connections are forged.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like to collaborate on creating some incredible visuals.